Persuasion - Read Along - week one - the first post

by - vineri, ianuarie 09, 2015

This week I joined the challenge to read three chapters per week from an intersting novel of Jane Austen's amazing works - Persuasion and to review each chapter on my blog. I read 2 chapters and I started the third, which I am going to finish today and after this I will post here the review of each chapter.

Theoretically I joined this challenge on Monday, but as you can see I am posting only today about it.

The person behind this challenge is  from the blog Literary Adventures among the Brandywine. You can visit her blog here:

She also created stunning Persuasion buttons for this read-along, which I will post here. Just right after I am going to finish this post I will announce her that I joined this challenge and I will make posts about it each week.

This is my first challenge for this new amazing year and it is not the last, I will join another challenges this year and have some fun. This challenge is a totaly new thing for me - it is a challenge indeed.

Keep the eyes on my blog, today or tomorrow, reviews will come for the first three chapters.

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