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Primele 100 de cuvinte # 7

November 6, 2012

Vreau să îmi cer scuze pentru dispariţia mea de pe blog, dar sper să postez de acum încolo săptămânal şi să îmi fac timp şi pentru micuţul meu blog.

Şi acum ca de obicei prea iubita rubrică a celor 100 de cuvinte.

Am început să citesc o carte primită de pe NetGalley, pe care sper să o termin. În paralel citesc şi Mizerabilii.

You lied to me, Sam.” Millie Evans peeked out the window from
behind the half yard of muslin that served as a curtain. Outside the
shanty they rented behind the feed store, a tall man with thick, dark
hair and a week’s growth of beard stood smoking a cigarette.
Millie turned back toward Sam and glared at him. “You said you
were looking for a job, but you went and found that despicable man
and brought him back here.”
“I was looking for a job,” Sam sputtered. “But I couldn’t find
one, and then Lucky turned up.”
“Oh, sure he did. Like a bad penny. I suppose you just happened
to be in the saloon when he dropped out of the sky.”
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