Primul concurs pe blogul meu

Bună dragi mei cititori, uite că am reuşit să organizez şi eu un concurs în sfârşit pe acest blog de cărţi. Sunt foarte bucuroasă!!! Yuppy , iei. Cărţiile puse în concurs sunt două e-bookuri interesante. Sunt 2 cărţi din categoria paranormal , romance.

Concursul începe de astăzi şi ţine până vineri. Durata concursului: 31 Iulie- 3 August. Câştigători vor fi aleşi prin tragere la sorţi. Vor fi 4 câştigători ale celor 2 cărţi.

Condiţii de participare: Lăsaţi un comment cu numele de GFC cu care mă urmăriţi şi adresa de mail.

Şi acum trageţi o privire la cele două cărţi .

 Tears of the broken de A.M. Hudson.
Blood and death aside…love is all that should matter.

Tragedy brought her to a new place.
Fate put her in the arms of a vampire.
The truth will tear her apart. Hailed as the most inspiring read since Twilight.Take a journey of tears and heartache as Ara finds that love is a reason to live. Will the vampire be her knight, or will the truth about him finish what Fate started?                   

 Shadeland de D.L Miles
One year after the designated “Eidolon Revolution” and all the other-world demons have been exposed, 17 year old Liv Burnett is still the same, apathetic person she ever was. And when a woman dies in her home town, Liv doesn’t think anything of it, choosing to focus on more normal things; things like just graduating high school and moving in with her life-long friend, Luke. But soon Luke is thrown into jail on the sole reason that he isn’t human and has been labeled as the Ellengale Nightstalker for crimes he didn’t commit. Trying to figure everything out Liv realizes she has picked up her own stalker by the name of Jared; an aggressive but alluring man who claims he’s trying to find the real killer too. Taking a chance she normally wouldn’t, Liv follows Jared down dangerous roads in hopes of saving not only her friend, but the lives other women in town.

Deci vă aştept cu drag să vă înscrieţi la primul concurs de pe blogul meu de cărţi, sper să vă înscrieţi cât mai mulţi.


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