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Interviu cu un autor (1) – Cathy Gohlke – autor de fictiune istorica crestina

May 14, 2012

Interviu cu Cathy Gohlke. Cathy a fost foarte draguta cu mine si mi-a raspuns la un scurt interviu.

Despre Autoare/ About the author
Cathy Gohlke este de doua ori castigatoarea premiului Christy Award , autoarea  foarte apreciatului roman Promise me this. Cathy a lucrat ca bibliotecara la o scoala, regizor de teatru, si directorul a unor ministere crestine pentru copii.

Cathy Gohlke is the two-time Christy Award–winning author of the critically acclaimed novels Promise Me This. 
 Cathy has worked as a school librarian, drama director, and director of children’s and education ministries. 
 Despre cartea Promise me this/ About the book:
Spanning the sinking of the “Titanic” to World War , “Promise Me This” tells the story of one man’s determination to fulfill a promise he made — and of the woman he has grown to love in the process.

De la scufundarea Titanicului pana la Primul Razboi Mondial, romanul Promise Me This ne spune povestea hotararii unui barbat de a duce la indeplinire o promisiune- si a unei femeii care va ajunge sa o iubeasca. 

Interviu/ Interview:

1.First of all, I want to ask, what has inspired you to write
historical fiction?

I’ve always loved reading historical fiction and hearing stories set in the past.  When I was born, my family lived in an old farmhouse with a sealed room at the top.  My great aunt believed it had been a hiding place for slaves escaping along the Underground Railroad before the American Civil War.  That story sparked an early interest for me in issues of slavery, civil rights, and history.

Since then, I’ve come to realize that history often repeats itself.  I find that the current issues with which we grapple have frequently played out historically.  By telling those stories, I hope light is shed on problems today.  Historical fiction provides a “safe distance” to address hard truths.

2.Who is your favorite author?

That’s a very hard question.  There are so many fine authors that I cannot choose one.  Some of my favorite authors from the past are Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, and Charles Sheldon—all for their different literary strengths and styles or thought provoking stories.

3.What has inspired you to write the novel Promise Me This?
I’ve long been fascinated by Titanic. I once wrote a short story about a stowaway who was saved through the sacrifice of his friend.  Years later, I decided to create a novel from that short story.  As I fleshed out the characters and extended the plot I realized that the story could paint a picture of Christ’s love and sacrifice for the world, and our response to that unmerited, life changing gift.  Once I understood that I could not write fast enough.  Writing the story was my song of praise, filled with joy and thanksgiving.

4.If you would have the chance to travel with a time machine, what
period of time would you choose?

Hmm.  Good question.  There are so many time periods I’d like to visit.  I’d love to listen to Jesus preach the sermon on the mount.  I’d love to visit England during Queen Victoria’s reign and later, at the time of Titanic.  I’d love to hear Abraham Lincoln speak.  I would like to visit NYC in 1910-1911, the years in which my new book, Band of Sisters, is set.  I’m researching WWII now and would love to visit that world in Europe—very briefly!  I’d love to step into each of the worlds I research for stories.  What a fascinating experience that would be!

5.If you could meet Annie Allen, the character from your book Promise
Me This, what would you be thrilled to do or say to her?

I’d love to ask her about her life after the book—about her wedding to Michael, and I’d like to know if they had children, if they ever saw her friend, Connie, or the Spragues again.  I’d love to walk with her in the gardens of Allen’s Run Gardens.

6.What is your favorite period in history?
I’m fascinated by every period in history—especially the 1830s through 1940s.  I tend to be captivated by whatever period I’m writing about.

7.Can you say a few words to all your romanian current or future

I’m thrilled that so many have read and enjoyed Promise Me This.  I loved researching and writing this book, and the themes of the story are precious to me.  I hope you’ll also enjoy reading Band of Sisters, which releases in September 2012.  It is a story of immigrants in NYC, 1910-1911, and their fight against human trafficking—a story relevant to today in every part of the world. 

Many thanks for this interview, Gabriele, and blessings to you and your readers!
Ii multumesc foarte mult autoarei pentru ca mi-a acordat acest minunat interviu. Este primul interviu luat de mine unui autor strain si ma simt fericita, caci in acest mod pot cunoaste mai multi scriitori si modul lor de a vedea lumea cartilor sau viata.

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